Tarot Cards And Their Meanings

foolThe Fool

Beginnings likely trips which may optionally be mental, physical or spiritual. The beginning of a new life-cycle. Energy, force, happiness and optimism.

The overturning of the status quo or existing states by unexpected happenings. Innocence, naivety and spontaneity. Important decisions to be made.

The_High_PriestessThe High Priestess or Papess

Intuition, wisdom and secret knowledge, the feminine side of the male personality. Something remains yet to be revealed, but patience must be observed.

Duality and mystery. Hidden influences affect both home and work and intuitive insight suggests new solutions. The influence of women.

emperorThe Emperor

Competitiveness, forcefulness in development and execution. Authority, structure, governmental and corporate identities. Worldly power, self control gained through experience.

Ability to shoulder responsibility. Powerful individuals, ambition together with the possibility of long term achievement.

Astrology and Numerology

moon-signWhat is my astrological moon sign

Moon sign astrology takes an important place in one’s life. Moon rules one’s personality in a great way. Moon basically rules your emotions and how you look at yourself.

It is different from the sun sign in the way that sun sign tells how you other people perceive you unlike moon which tells how you perceive yourself.