Moon Day

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New Moon

This short period is characterized by influence upon everything living with the help of special energetic impulse. Any start is good on new moon period. If you begin fasting on this day, the fact itself will contribute to clearing the body of chemical waste, warns about diseases. This is ideal time to get rid of bad habits.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

This is the most favorable period for things you begin doing. Anything acquires additional impulse and energy for development with Waxing Gibbous. The influence of growth of lunar disc is a little negative for medical sphere that it affects regenerative process of damaged tissue and it gets slower, that can bring to complications.

Full Moon

Full Moon affects everything live on Earth. the wounds bleed even more, the chronic diseases remind of themselves. The mental anguish worsens. Maximal birth rate is observed during full Moon. The communication gets more impulsive, the eagerness to think negatively and drink alcohol increases. On the other hand this is the most favorable period for gathering healing herbs because their healing properties are maximal at this moment.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Ideal time to stop everything that was started during the Waxing Gibbous period. Surgical operations have favorable effect. Any wounds are healed with maximal speed and without complications. The period is favorable for planting vegetables growing in the ground.

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Moon Day - Warmth

The day is ideal for picnics and going to the country, because even the dull day will seem joyful and friendly for us. However it is worth to keep away from thunderstorm coming unexpectedly, possibly with hail therefore do not forget your umbrella. The contrast shower is useful.

Moon Day - Light

The stream of light falling at this period brings maximal energy affect upon anything living and this tells favorably on plants, animals and people. Sometimes one wants to put on sunglasses even when it is dull because of smarting eyes. This refers to drivers that do not feel good on this day.

Moon Day - Coldness

The sensitivity to coldness is bigger on this day. Even when the temperature is high we have goose bumps therefore it is good to take warm clothes. The contrast shower is good to train your nervous system.

Moon Day - Water

Nature is lavish providing precipitation and monthly ration can fall on this day. High humidity in the air does not contribute to good mood and comfort.