Astrology and Numerology

moon-signWhat is my astrological moon sign

Moon sign astrology takes an important place in one’s life. Moon rules one’s personality in a great way. Moon basically rules your emotions and how you look at yourself.

It is different from the sun sign in the way that sun sign tells how you other people perceive you unlike moon which tells how you perceive yourself.


loveLove compatibility test

A relationship can be a hell or heaven depending upon the mutual compatibility between the couple. A broken marriage is an example of worse understanding and an incompatible match.

Therefore before you get into a relationship that won’t have a happy ending, it is required to know how compatible you are with the person you love.


numerology-busNumerology business name and numbers

To succeed in your business, it is required to ensure that your business names and numbers have favourable vibrations. Business should be chosen based on your lucky numbers.

You should get into the business which is best for you. And if you decide to choose your business name according to your lucky numbers.


moon-phaseMoon phase gardening

Moon phase gardening is a holistic approach to growing plants by the organic method. The belief of planting in accordance with the phases of moon is an ancient system of agriculture.

It follows that moon, in revolution around the earth, exerts an influence on the development of growing plants.


name, letterName and Numerology

The research of numerology has a long history. Various numerology systems have evolved in different forms in many countries since the time.

The subject of numerology and its study began to develop many centuries ago, it still remains a matter of extensive and bitter disagreement about its scientific basis.


life, five,roadLife path 5 - Love to explore the world

People with life path 5 are energetic, resourceful, adventurous, impatient and love to explore different colours of life.

You welcome very change in your life and take them as an opportunity.


life, eight, roadLife path 8 Numerology Effects

Life Path 8 is called the path of the warrior. People with Life Path 8 are confident, ambitious and powerful.

They are self-reliant and do not depend on others where their success is at stake.


moon, phasesMoon Day

Moon phases: New Moon, Waxing Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous Moon and Moon days: Warmth, Light, Coldness and Water.

Read some information about this phases and moon days.


moon, softwareMoon sign software

Moon sign software is really a magic thing as it is capable of making incredible transformations in one's life by knowing about your own personality and working upon your negative traits.